iSun Kaus


Kaus, black body, pin model in tropical wood and polarized lenses.

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Light, comfortable, fresh, sustainable, original, artisan, water resistant, wood sunglasses iSun Wood.

Thousands of people already enjoy of our glasses, that you are waiting for you?

Uv400 polarized lenses, are simply the best on the market, you don't doubt!, they not only look after your vista in extreme weather, if not, that provide you great benefits. Polarize you and see the different life!, promised!. The reflections were finally forgotten, facing nature, and watch it from you to you, you've never seen the sea so transparent!.

Leads and relax... reflections of the road will become a thing of the past, your driving more responsible will be thanks to the unparalleled support of our lenses, relax your eyes and give you a vision rich in contrasts.

A unique product that combines the best the best artisan traditions with the best technologies of precision in the manufacturing process.

Enjoy the summer, feels trendy and cares for your eyes with sunglasses wood iSun Wood.

  • Ultra lightjust 20 grams of weight, or will notice them sunsets!.
  • Comfortableforget the sweat, enjoying the summer.
  • 100% water resistantworry, get wet!
  • Tradition, pin made by hand with the best tropical Woods.
  • Bless you, the best polarized UV 400 lenses of the market, so simple!.
  • Fashion, the perfect complement, luce originality.
  • Resistantmanufactured to last, anything you can with your iSun!

All our models comply with European and international certificates that certify their quality, such as CE and FDA.